10 Fun and Unique date ideas around West Palm Beach, FL


Ever spend hours asking your partner what they want to do? Googling and asking friends if they have any ideas? I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years and 7 months now… so we are considered experts on this topic. I decided to put together the most unique dates in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas to help you with your stressful days.

Check out local bands

Find a band/concert near you! My boyfriend took me to a local jazz group at The Brewhouse Gallery in Lake Park and it was a perfect Wednesday-night hangout spot. If you’re over 21, they have a relatively large selection of craft beers that I hear are delicious. There’s another location that my friends have recommended: The Blind Monk. These are two of many little concert venues that play local bands that you can fall in love with and follow to the radio.

Have a picnic on the beach

This is so simple and easy to do! Go out get yourself some snacks and wine glasses (cranberry juice if you’re under 21) and have a romantic relaxing day. You can do it for lunch or even for dinner in romantic candlelight under the stars.

Mall Cop

Yup, you read it right… a segway tour! It is something different for you and your partner to experience West Palm Beach and learn about the past, present, and future of the area. There are a few segway tour businesses in the area to choose from.

Explore the museums

Now I know what you’re thinking: BORING! Stop thinking that, because I said the same thing to my boyfriend (he loves history… what a nerd) and after heading to The Elliott Museum, I was happy I listened to him. This place literally has a vending machine of old cars. No joke, I watched the robot pick up a 1920’s convertible dump truck and bring it to the front to spin around on a pedestal. I wasn’t really into cars but now I kinda am! West Palm Beach has a huge selection of museums so add that to your list!

Ride a kayak or canoe

This can be a great idea since you can relax on calm waters while getting an arm workout at the same time. It’s also a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy nature and its beauties, something we take for granted every day. South Florida has many locations other than the intracoastal to go kayaking or canoeing, such as John D. MacArthur State Park and Grassy Waters Preserve.

Lion Country Safari 

Lion Country Safari is a drive-through safari! You get to experience the animals up close in the comfort of your car. You see exotic, African-style wildlife including lions, monkeys, elephants, and much more. When you arrive, the employee gives you a CD that follows you on your path and narrates the tour. When finishing, you can get out of your car and walk around to see other animals, get a bite to eat, and explore the gift shops.

Skim the waters

Jet Skiing is another perfect thing you can do before summer comes to an end! The high-speed watercraft is a blast, especially when jumping huge waves! Just make sure you have your boaters’ license (psst: you don’t really need one if you don’t get pulled over).

Saddle up 

This is an activity that is often overlooked because very few people have experience riding horses. My boyfriend has taken me on his before and I have simply fallen in love with it. Sitting on the back of an enormous yet quiet tamed animal is an activity that couples often don’t think of.

Go parasailing 

I’m afraid of heights so I thought this was going to be a bad idea but it was totally worth it! My boyfriend and I drove about 40 minutes to go parasailing in Ft. Lauderdale. You would think it’s an uncomfortable ride 500ft up; winds, jerky rope, etc. But it’s the exact opposite! It’s actually very smooth and beautifully scenic. The views of the beaches, houses, and hotel buildings as well as the open sea left me speechless!

Watch the Sunrise

Since it’s impossible to watch the sunset along the waterline from the east coast, it’s a nice little date to sit on the beach early in the morning (and I mean VERY early) to watch the sunrise. When you’re done, go check out the Jupiter Donut Factory for the most unique selection of donuts in South Florida.

Even when doing the littlest of things like shopping together or even cooking together, enjoy the moments you have with your loved one! We are all guilty of not living in the moment! We are always thinking about tomorrow! Go out and say YES to new adventures!

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