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Now that August is coming to a close, I want to show you guys some of the things I’ve been loving! These items are my go-to right now and I hope you will love them as much as I do.


These jeans and loafers are perfect for a back-to-school outfit. Doesn’t it look like I put a lot of time and effort into this outfit? (psst: I didn’t) This outfit really is a win-win. If you stop by your nearest Nordstrom Rack and can not find this jeans here are two places where you could get them SHOPBOP and Tradesy. You can also go on the Siwy denim main site and find similar jeans!

The MIA Porscha Mule shoes add a business-casual touch for your school outfit. If you look closely, you’ll notice the silky-smooth, shine-free bronze powder. That’s my Bronze Goddess ESTĒE LAUDER. I highly recommend!


001-Gaby Beach

How fun is this swimsuit? This  Crochet High Neck Halter Bikini Top  is not only comfortable but its great quality too. I think that this high neck top would be perfect with high waisted shorts for a hot summer day (so basically every day where I live, Florida).

I hope my August Favorites helped you with trying and exploring new products! Even if your unsure of how these items will look on try them out. I was very unsure about the swimsuit top but ended up loving it!


Wishing you a great day and great school year!

xoxoGaby (1)


2 thoughts on “AUGUST FAVORITES

  1. Hey have you considered vlogging (video blogging) or making videos on YouTube as well? I think you’d be great at it


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