JoinReel Savings

Hey guys! You know how I love a good deal and I wanted to tell you guys about Reel.

Reel is a website that lets you buy high end items with a payment plan so that way you do not have to spend your money all at once! (Pretty amazing for us college students) and guess what!? I have a code that you can use for $15 off! C-GABY2019

The item I got on reel is this beautiful backpack that you can use for school or traveling! and let me tell you…. I have been wanting this backpack for a long time but did not what to pay all this money at once and reel allows you to pay it daily or weekly.

DISCLAIMER: I would not be posting about a company that I truly do not like and reel makes shopping so much easier and I wanted to share my experience with you guys! I hope this makes shopping for you a little easier and enjoyable!


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