Sale Finds Series

Hey guys! It’s so good to be back and writing a blog post because I have been SO busy these few months with school because this is my senior year and I have so much work to get down but don’t worry! I’m back to posting blogs! I wanted to post another “Sale Finds” because I am going to start to making this a series on the blog because who doesn’t love a great deal? So enjoy these amazing sale finds including a penny item 😉

Find #1 – Nordstrom Rack is the BEST when it comes to designer sales! Nordstrom Rack has designer brands including Tory Burch, Rebecca M, MCM, Burberry, and many more. A tip on finding great deals online is to sort the page you are looking at “Low to High” and that way you get to see the cheapest thing first.

Find #2 – Nordstrom was having a sale this pasted week and I found these shoes for $20 which is amazing for Sam Edelman because the prices for these shoes are crazy! But I found some great deals on amazon on these shoes so I linked it right here for you guys because these shoes are adorable! Sam Edelman Women’s Beckie Slide Sandal

Find #3 – I’m not gonna lie but Old Navy isn’t the easier place to find a deal because you really have to look but when you do you can find some .97 cents items including these shorts!

Find #4 – THE AMAZING PENNY FIND! I could not believe I found this floral detailed dress for a penny… this is way i’m telling you guys Nordstrom Rack is the best to find designer finds. This isn’t my first time finding a penny item at Nordstrom rack but it is for a designer dress like this! If you could see the dress in person you would think I spent $100 on it but nope I only paid a penny for it. How do I find these deals you ask? Well I actually have a blog post on it which I will link right here for you guys. Shopping Hacks that will save you money

I hope you guys enjoyed looking at my latest sale finds! To be up to date with all the sale items as soon as I find them head over to my instagram to check it out because I also have a “Sale Finds” highlight where you can ALL my sale finds altogether.


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