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January Sale Finds

Hey Hey guys!!! I have been doing a little shopping recently…. and I found some AMAZING sales that I wanted to share with you guys and if you are not following me on instagram I post many stories on sales right when I find them!


This time of year is when Ross marks down many items to $1-$3 including clothing! So head over to your locate Ross NOW to find these amazing deals before they are all gone.

I could not believe I found TWO Kate Spade dresses for $7 and $8 dollars because these dresses were originally over $300! HELPFUL TIP: I found out that Ross marks down clothing, jewelry, and shoes on Mondays.

I was also super excited to find this WildFox sweater for $8.99 because these sweaters can go for over $80.

Can we just talk about how beautiful the details are on this Kate Spade dress…. I LOVE IT! And the best part is that it was only $8!

I get so excited when I find 49 cent items at Ross because you can’t find those prices anywhere else and of course those items are usually the first ones to go!


Marshalls and TJMAXX are also stores that mark down prices in January on designer brands that I found below!


I am IN LOVE with this store!! They have such a powerful message to the brand that I absolutely LOVE! So if you have not been to Altar’d state PLEASE go check them out because they basically have everything and let me tell you…. the clothing pieces are beautiful! and if you go during their sales you will find great pieces! I recommend going RIGHT NOW because they are having an extra 50% off sale items.

This puffer jacket was $10… YUP $10!!!! And it comes in blush, white, and black.

I don’t think you guys are ready for this one… I paid…. (drum roll please) $2.61 for this adorable pillow. The original price was $46!


Yes, we all know forever 21 has cheap items but…. for a $1? All these items that I have below I got for $1!

How adorable is this dolphin neck pillow!! It was so cute I HAD to get it! and it was only a dollar.


Dillards had a good section of accessories on sale when I went so I highly recommend checking them out if you are looking for accessories.


I have found some great items at old navy recently including a pack for socks for 97 cents and tops and pjs for $1.97! This is another store I recommend going too if you are looking for affordable clothing pieces and of course you can’t have too many socks!


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