DIY Anthropologie Inspired Room Decor

Hey ladies! I’m here to help you keep your mind distracted during this time at home. I have been deep cleaning my room for two days now and I have come up with a few affordable anthropology inspired room decor. Enjoy!!

Anthropologie Trash Can ($2 to make)

Step 1: Make sure you have a glue gun at home and then go to the dollar tree and buy a plastic trash can (as seen in the picture) and twine.

Step 2: Is to wrap the twine ALL around the trash can while putting hot glue on about every other wrap around with the twine.

Step 3: Time to decorate your trash can! I had some pom poms laying around in my room so I decided to glue them onto the trash can! But you can use anything you have laying around like tassels or buttons!

DIY Mirror Wall Decor ($3.97 to make all three)

Step 1: Go to the dollar tree and put up three mirrors (as seen in the first picture). Then go to goodwill and find these straw bowls. I went to my locate goodwill and found a pack of four for 97 cents! They had tons of these! It also doesn’t matter what shape or size they are because any straw decor looks like its from anthropologie.

Step 2: (Please be safe when doing this step) break the frame around the mirrors. They are very easy to take apart because they are from the dollar tree.

Step 3: Take your hot glue gun and glue the back of the mirror.

Step 4: Place the glued mirror on top of your straw item.

Step 5: Find where you would like to place it on your wall! Easy as that!

Super easy DIY Wall Decor ($6 to make)

Step 1: Go to your locate Ross to find mirrors like the one in the picture. It was about $5 for a pack of three mirrors. Don’t forget to use the twine you got at the dollar tree.

Step 2: Wrap the twine as many times as you would like around the outside of the mirrors.

DIY Flower Decor ($2 to make)

This was one of the easiest ones to make!

Step 1: Go to your locate dollar tree and pick out your favorite flowers (I picked up two sets of flowers). I also used the straw bowl I got from goodwill for this DIY.

Step 2: Take your flowers and take off all the stems to make it easier to place onto the straw bowl.

Step 3: Start hot glueing all the flowers to the straw bowl and BOOM DONE! You have a beautiful floral decor that would have cost you $50 at anthropologie.

I hope you guys are staying busy and SAFE during this time! Know that I am praying for you guys.



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