Long Distance During Quarantine

Hey Hey everyone! I hope you guys are staying safe.

I just got a text about an hour ago from my boyfriend saying that his flight just got canceled 😦 and of course I was very disappointed because at this point who knows when the next time I will be able to see him SO I was thinking to myself that I can’t be the only one going through this problem so I wanted to make a blog post to help you guys get through this.

Here are my top 3 tips/ideas you can do during this time of quarantine!!!

#1 START A NEW SHOW TOGETHER WHILE FACE-TIMING – My boyfriend and I started doing this a while ago and let me tell you… it’s the best!!! We started watching “This Is Us” (which I HIGHLY recommend watching) from start to finish AND without letting either of us watch ahead and having to watch every episode together which allows us to enjoy the show together.

#2 START A NEW HOBBY – My boyfriend and I just started doing this about a week ago but we are learning a new hobby without telling each other what it is and by the end of what we planned on doing we will show the other person what it was! So it will be a little surprise to eachother!

#3 FACETIME DATE NIGHT – FaceTime while each of you are making dinner and then sit down and eat “together”. It’s a fun way to change it up and have a little date night even if you aren’t together.

I hope these little tips help you get through this hard time and if you EVER need a friend to talk to about this or anything PLEASE message me 🙂

Your friend,



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