Engagement Photo Shoot Outfits

Hello hello, welcome back to another blog post!! This blog post is going to be all about how to coordinate outfits for a photo shoot you are doing with your significant other. Ladies, this is mostly for you because we all know that guys don’t really care about coordinating or photo shoots. So, I wanted to make your life a little easier and show you some examples of outfits you can use including outfits I used for my engagement shoot. Enjoy!

Outfit #1

Ladies, it is so easy to coordinate an outfit when you pick out a colorful dress like this one because you can just find your significant other a shirt that goes with a color on your dress! For example, I got my Fiancés button down from Van H and paired it with khaki pants and brown shoes because that will most likely go with any outfit you pick to wear. When it comes to jewrly ladies I recommend wearing statement earrings because they add a pop of color to your look and ties everything togetehr and if you are wearing a colorful dress like I did in this picture I recommend wearing white statemnt earrings.
Dress: Anthro
Shoes: BCBG

Outfit #2

This second outfit is a more casual outfit but I am in LOVE with it! It’s something fun and different that you do not really see in couple shoots but denim is such a classic look like that looks good on anyone! For her I recommend an all denim jumpsuit because it is easy to throw on but if you do not want a jumpsuit you can grab a pair of light wash jeans with a white basic tee and a dark wash denim jacket to throw on top of it with some fun gold earrings and white heels. For him I recommend dark wash jeans with a white basic tee and a dark denim jacket with white sneakers.

Outfit #3

Include your wedding colors into one of your outfits!!! This is such a fun idea because it will go so well with your “save the dates” if you chose to include a picture. Outfit #3 is also a more dressed up look and for her I recommend a flowy jumpsuit with nude heels and a statement necklace and for him I recommend dress pants (the color of your wedding) with a white solid button down with black dress shoes.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and if you have any questions or need any help picking out looks for your photo shoot please comment down below or message me on instagram @saveyour2cents_


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