Sale Finds #2

Hey guys! I got a lot of positive feedback on my last “Sale Finds” so I put together a small haul for this blog post to show you guys what I found in these few weeks! If you want to see more of these hauls leave a comment down below or head over to my Instagram stories.

If you want to know some tips on how I found these items at such a great price head over to my last blog post and let me know if you want to know some more tips down below. Enjoy!

We are going to start off with some pointed heels! (I didn’t notice how similar they were until now… But oh well… it was such a great price) I also got found some fun sparkly heels that aren’t pointed!  

Ross $2.49 ANNE KLEIN Black Sparkle Heels – Ross always has the best clearance but you really have to look to find the great deals.

Nordstrom Rack $8.59 Calvin Klein Nude Pointed Heels

Ross $1.49 Nude Sparkly Heels – Again, Ross has the best clearance items but you need to have patience and time to look!

Clothing Time!

Old Navy Floral Dress – This is why you ALWAYS have to check te price before you put an item down in the clearance rack. The price said it was $36.99 but when the lady scanned it… it came out to be $1.49!! How crazy is that!

Old Navy Star Scarf – Can you guess how much I got this for? 50 Cents!!! I honestly wanted to get five scarfs but don’t worry I stopped myself. This also comes in a navy color.

I hope you guys enjoyed that little sale finds haul! Let me know down below if you want to see more!


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