Valentine Date Ideas

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Back with another Valentine’s Day post. In this post I’m including some fun date ideas that you can surprise your lover with. I hope these dates help you stay stress free because we all know everyone wants Valentine’s Day to be perfect! Enjoy!

Home-Cooked Meal

To all the guys out there…. If you make your lady a home cooked meal and surprise her with some roses I promise she’ll love you forever. Ladies love it when guys plan and put effort into a date night.



Game Night

Go to an arcade near you and have a fun game night then come home to dessert and a movie night.



You have probably heard about this date idea many times but it is honestly so cute and relaxing! Highly recommend.



Art Museum

Everyone loves going to the art museum. Plan the day by going to your downtown and then going to an art museum.



Late Night Star Watching

This date idea is one of my favorites. Get some blankets and pillows then get on top of your car (or in the truck) and watch the stars with some chocolates and snacks.




Ice Skating

Ice skating is a fun and simple date idea! After skating you can go get some dinner then go late night star watching šŸ˜‰

The girl on the figured skates


A Little Throwback

Throw it all the way back to where it all started by recreating your first date. Order the same food, take the same street, walk around the area, and just remember all the nerves and awkwardness (it will be fun I promise) and think about how far you have come in the relationship.


Horseback riding

No one ever really thinks about horseback rinding as a date but this is one of the cute and unique ones! It’s so peaceful and relaxing.

horseback riding


Not a lot of people have been parasailing before so surprise your gf/bf with it. If you are afraid of heights I promise you’ll still love it. I’m REALLY scared of heights and ended up loving it and wanting to do it again.




I hope theseĀ Valentine Date Ideas will help you stay stress free and have a special night with your gf/bf.


xoxoGaby (1)



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