Things to do in Dallas

Hey guys! If you follow me on Instagram you know I recently went on a trip to Dallas, Texas during spring break. It was pretty amazing to relax and get away from all the school work!

I put together some top things to do in Dallas to make your trip a little easier. It was such a beautiful city and I will definitely be visiting again.

1. Bird Ride Downtown

You muse be thinking to yourself a “bird ride”… what is that? But it’s an electric scooter that you can ride around town in and it’s super fun and different! They do not have this in Florida so I was very excited to give it a try because they are EVERYWHERE in Dallas.

2. Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren is a park right on top of a highway! How crazy is that? It’s super fun to walk around with the family and they also have many food trucks to eat at for lunch.

3. The Statler Hotel

The Statler hotel has a beautiful rooftop where you can see all of Dallas with a cool pool and bar!

4. The Rustic Restaurant

The Rustic restaurant is perfect for a fun dinner because they have live music, lights hanging, cute sitting outside, and a nice bonfire!

5. JFK Museum

Of course the JFK is on this list because it was very interesting going to the museum and learning all things JFK. I am not the biggest fan of museums but you have to go to this one because they keep it interesting by giving you headphones for a guided tour so you can go as slow or as fast as you would like.

6. West Village

I recommend going to west village to walk around and grab some breakfast then hop on a bird and ride around town! West Village also has super cool walls and places to take pictures!

7. Fort Worth Stockyard

Fort Worth Stockyard is about 30mins from Dallas but it’s a must when going to Texas because it’s an old time Texas look with cowboys and mazes!


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