Sale Finds #3

Hey guys! I rounded up some of my recent sale finds and these are some of my favorite items so far and if you want some tips on how I found these great deals go to my recent “Sale Blog Post”.

Levis Mustard Long Sleeve Top

How fun is this Levi’s mustard top for spring? and how better is that price? Can you believe I found a $145 Levi’s top for .49 cents at Ross? Not a lot of people think Ross has good brands but they really do!

Steve Madden – Madden Girl Mustard Shoes

Another mustard colored item are these detailed Madden Girl flats. Right when I saw them I could not believe it was marked down to $2.49! Another Ross item for the win!!!

Micheal Kors Black and Sliver Hat

I didn’t think it was possible to find an MK item at Nordstrom Rack for only $3.99! How crazy is that! This hat is perfect for the Fall and Winter time but can be dressed down with a fun colorful look for the Spring such its sliver and black.


Micheal Kors Rose Gold Watch

My favorite Ross find! This $295 MK watch for only…. $8.99 Can you believe that? Right when I saw it i didn’t believe it and had to ask a worker if it was right because we all know how expensive MK watches are.


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